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Stop Common Core – RNCAA rejects the “one size fits all” approach to education. We advocate education is best accommodated by the free market, providing broad education choices to both parents and children at the state and local level -- achieving greater accountability, efficiency, and quality through the diversity of choice.

School Admissions - The debate over Affirmative action has been intensifying now more than any other time in its previous 50-year history. Later this year the United states Supreme Court will decide on whether to ban affirmative-action policies at colleges and universities. It is our position that income, not race, is the true determining factor in education today.
RNCAA strongly opposes any “quota” based admissions policy. rather, we promote a merit based approach to education in order to stand up for the millions of otherwise qualified students who have been turned away under current admissions policies.


Small Business – Small businesses and entrepreneurships are the backbone of our economy, they alone create the vast majority of employment here in the United States. Under the current administration, we have the lowest rate of business startups in three decades. Our government continues to impede in the growth of small businesses through burdensome regulatory policies, high tax rates, and capital barriers.
RNCAA pledges to support productive policies that foster small business entrepreneurships which allow businesses to cultivate capital growth, in turn, creating new jobs for our friends and neighbors across America.

Taxes – rncaa endorces a transparent tax system that can provide tax relief for the millions of households and individuals that are just barely getting by. As is, the current tax system is beyond the comprehension of your ordinary citizen.
RNCAA supports common sense solutions to achieve simpler, fairer, flatter systems of tax reform -- and firmly renounce the use of taxation as a means to redistribute income or to fund costly and ineffective programs.


Personal Liberty ­– Our mission to restore the American Dream, to return this great nation to the roots upon which it was founded: a person’s right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
At RNCAA we stand united in our fight against discrimination based on sex, race, religion, or creed. We ask everyone to join us in our effort to combat the forces of hatred and bigotry, and to provide equal opportunity for all individuals alike.

Our Platform...

  • Educate the community and substantially increase the number of Asian-American Republican voters.

  • Maximize the number of Republicans elected to public office.

  • Work to build a collaborative effort within Asian-American associations to give a stronger voice to the community.

  • Create a direct line of communication across our network Asian-American associations.

  • Increase Asian-American influence with both the State and National Republican Committee.

  • Aid in the development and Growth of Asian-American candidates for public office.

  • Identify and Promote key issues affecting Asian-American communities.

Our Mission...